If You Think the Pat and Keith Show is Bad…

…then you have not been to South Carolina recently.

We are just back from North Myrtle Beach (and yes this establishment is still serving quality pancakes), and brothers and sisters the P and K pi**ing contest ain’t got nothing on our friends from south of South of the Border.

Highlights of the GOP primaries this week…

1. In the GOP gubernatorial race, a blogger supporting GOP Lt. Governor Andre Bauer claims to have had an affair with Nikki Haley, a married member of the statehouse. Of course, he has no proof, but that did not stop him from tossing that grenade. However, LG Bauer has graciously suggested Ms. Haley take a lie detector test. Now a second Bauer supporter claims to also have an affair with Ms. Haley. These allegations were made not long after new polls showed Ms. Haley, who is endorsed by Sarah Palin, taking the lead in the GOP primary.

Isn’t the timing amazing?

This all reminds me of the LBJ story when, in a close race, he told an aide to put out a rumor that one of the candidates engaged in some intimate activities with barnyard animals. When the aid protested saying it wasn’t true, LBJ apparently said “yeah, but let’s make him deny it”.

2. State AG Henry McMasters has apparently received death threats

3. In an on-line radio politics show called “Pub Politics” GOP state Senator Jake Knotts called Ms. Haley, who is of arabic ancestry, a rag head. Oh, he also called President Obama a rag head.

4. From an interesting historical standpoint, the sons of the late Senator Strom Thurmond and the Governor Carroll Campbell are running for the GOP nomination in SC-1. Advertisements for all candidates clearly state their opposition to abortion, support of 2nd amendment rights, and support of a “Christian life”.

Yep, life sure is different Down South…and you can get fresh Krispy Kremes just about anywhere!

UPDATE: Think I am exaggerating?  Read the WaPo account of the SC campaign…


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