Super Tuesday Ruminations

On this massive primary day, msnbc offers a round-up of campaigns across the country.

Here at home, I will be casting a primary vote for Pat Herrity. I have no problem voting for Keith Fimian if he is the nominee, but I don’t think he will play well in the general. I am often castigated for my highly subjective, non-ideological reasons for backing candidates (see comments last year about moi backing the Cooch), but I prefer to cast my vote for folks who are pleasant and at least act like they enjoy talking to me.  That is my litmus test-and Pat Herrity passes with flying colors.  Keith Fimian?  Not so much.

It is my hope that Nikki Haley wins the GOP nomination for Governor in South Carolina, if only to show folks that if you try to blacken someone’s name in a campaign with startling personal revelations, you better have proof-especially if “the revealer” is supporting an opposing candidate.

Is the GOP going to blow it in Nevada?  Will the Tea Party candidate be strong enough to take out Harry Reid?

It is unfortunate that Tom Campbell will not end the night as the nominee for statewide office in California.  Many give him the RINO label, but he offered what is perhaps the most logical legislative initiative this country has seen since women’s suffrage.  This cool idea?  Any proposed spending increase has to include legislation that will secure the funds-either through a stated tax increase or through a spending cut.

Wow-Jerry Brown for Governor-it seems the major difference between this time around and the first time he ran in 1974 is that now we both have the same hairline.  Any chance Linda Rondstadt will be at the victory party?

Of course, the primary that needs to take place is not taking place-the primary to replace perpetual embarrassment Jim Moran in Va-8.  The 8th is so solidly Democratic that outside a primary Moran ain’t going anywhere, and so far no one in Va-8 is willing to duke it out with Jimbo.

It is going to be an interesting night…


One thought on “Super Tuesday Ruminations

  1. Bwana:
    Glad to see we are on the same side of this one. You and I will have to agree to disagree about the Cooch, however, most of the time I think we tend to have the same world view. So vote early and vote often.


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