New Hot Virginia Rumor for 2012

Mutterings heard at a recent GOP fundraiser…

George Allen will be  a Senate candidate in 2012, and Jim Webb will not.

What do you hear?


2 thoughts on “New Hot Virginia Rumor for 2012

  1. I never thought Webb would run again. He doesn’t play well with others. He always quits when he can’t run the show and be the boss. Always.

    Yes, George Allen is running in 2012 but he’s not the only one interested in the job.

  2. I think, in the end, Webb will run. He will have a million kinds of pressure put on him by the national Democrats because his service in the Senate gives Dems one guy to point to for some foreign policy credibility.

    What I would look for is if Obama does get his clock cleaned in 2010, that Webb might be tapped for a cabinet position – Secretary of Defense perhaps.

    Yes, I think its farely a foregone conclusion that Allen is running. Are you wild about the idea, cause I’m not.

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