Bizzaro Craziness Out There…

A full summer with everything from scout camp to a variety of low level maladies-including the run up to a right knee scope on 7.28-have kept me on the blogging down low.  But things have reached a critical mass where some commonsense of the Bwana variety needs to be imposed on a variety of Virginia political matters….cause it is getting bad crazy out there.

First, Jim Webb has bamboozled folks with his recent Wall Street natterings. While he carries his longtime fight for those of Scots-Irish ancestry, he is not really suggesting what he seems to be saying. He is not in favor of ending minority programs for all people of color. Webb simply wants to end them for anyone who is not African American. His logic is that programs for African Americans find their genesis in a need to even the scales for the iniquities of slavery, but these programs are being pumped out for people of races who have no such historical discrimination to deal with.  It is a matter of dealing with the impact of slavery, not discrimination

Some have reacted like Webb has pulled on a Klan hood.  Doug Wilder chastised Webb saying that were it not for civil rights and diversity programs he would not be a US Senator today.  As happens so often, Governor Wilder’s comments miss the mark.  In fact Webb got elected based on the wide array of folderol associated with the word “macaca” and the failure of the Allen campaign to deal with the gaffe.  His win was not based on wider majorities in places like Va-3 or Va-8 but in lower GOP margins elsewhere in reaction to the issue.  

Ultimately, what could could have been a nunaced approach to and discussion of entitlements will roll play as petty politics.  Pretty slick.  Webb cranks out a piece of “conservative” opinion which in no way changes things.  I would be thinking more highly of the man if he was introducing legislation that would accomplish what his WSJ piece says needs to happen.  Ultimately, this looks like to me like a cynical stab at positioning himself further to the right for the 2012 campaign.

Back at home in Va-11, I’m not seeing the or hearing the discontent that is likely needed to defeat Gerry Connolly.  I will be pulling the lever for Keith Fimian, but I’m not hearing the tumbrels rolling along being pushed by angry voters looking for Gerry’s head.  I suspect Northern Virgina by virtue of government spending of one type or another is still somewhat cushioned from the economic blows much of the country has taken.

By the same token, heads should be rolling when places like the Smokey Pig are in danger of closing because of the recession. I know that restaurants don’t live forever, but I hate to see the good ones end. The Smokey Pig opened ’bout when I started college, and has been a favored stop in Ashland for years. I hope a buyer is found.

BTW, “White Collar” and “Covert Affairs” on USA network-great stuff!

UPDATE: The NAACP does not like the Webb Doctrine


One thought on “Bizzaro Craziness Out There…

  1. Bwana:
    Have had a similiar to yours so far, but like you, now that the primary is over, I do not hear the hue and cry for Chair Ger’s head. Gerry will be re-elected to a similiar margins he had two years ago.
    I also agree that the White Collar and Covert shows are good stuff. Actually USA does have a good summer line of of shows.
    Glad to hear you are mending well and take care.


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