Prediction: Haynesworth Passes Next Physical…or…

You all know what is happening…Albert Haynesworth, $100 million crybaby of the Washington Redskins, failed his team physical today for a second time.

My prediction is that the third time will be a charm.  You see, I think AH probably did show up to camp in bad shape.  I bet Mike Shanahan, justly annoyed about Haynesworth’s behavior in the off-season, decided to let him see who is in charge.  It is true that no one else is having to take the test.  It is also true that everyone other team member attended all the Official Team Activities and can reasonably be said to have shown the coaching staff what condition they are in.

So I can see how AH has to take the physical tests until he passes…and I bet he passes on the third go-round.

Shanahan has made his point, and he has shown that perhaps Haynesworth off-season training was inferior to that he would have gotten had he followed the ‘Skins program and not one of his own making.

AH has to understand that actions do have reprecussions…however, the longer this goes on the more it seems like the physicals are about retribution and less about drawing lines.  The longer this goes on, the less opportunity the ‘skins will have to find a place for Haynesworth on the field-and as noted in many places AH is still the most physically gifted player on the Redskins roster.

So, I think AH passes the next test.  If he doesn’t, then he may not pass for another two weeks-and will be sure evidence that the Redskins have no real plans of using his this year and just want to work toward a deal to rid themselves of one of the worse decisions of the Vinnie Era.


One thought on “Prediction: Haynesworth Passes Next Physical…or…

  1. Well again today, sir Whines alot failed yet again. He should of just shown up this past spring and be done with it. Too many more days and he will not be in sinc with the defense at all this season. We’ll see how this works out.
    Hail to the Redskins!!!

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