Doug Wilder (heart) Hillary Clinton

Doug Wilder, former Governor of Virginia, former Mayor of Richmond, has fired the first salvo of the 2012 Presidential campaign…he wants to Dump Joe Biden as VP and replace him with Hillary Clinton.

His logic? Obama’s numbers are bad, and must be improved. Joe Biden came on the ticket as a pillar of experience in the realms that in the summer of 2008 seemed the likely battlegrounds-foreign policy and security. However, Wilder feels that Biden is not equal to the challenge of the economic and environmental issues that have been in the forefront the past two years.

Wilder concludes saying:

If both John McCain and Obama were given a sip of truth serum, both would admit they made serious mistakes in choosing running mates in 2008.

McCain can’t do anything about his blunder. Obama can and should.

I imagine Hillary C would be amenable this plan-this sets her up as the likely nominee in 2016 win or lose in 2012. 

Whatever happens, clearly there is some unrest in the Obama War Room.  Wagons are circling, and anyone or thing seen as not helping him win another term will be jettisoned.

If this idea is followed, and it works, I wonder what job Wilder wants in the 2012 cabinet…


One thought on “Doug Wilder (heart) Hillary Clinton

  1. The Dems would be best off if they dumped Obama and chose Wilder, that is to say someone who has common sense and is wise and experienced. We can only hope for that again some day in a President.

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