Obama Blows It Again…

Summer comes to an end, and I am regularly amazed by the ineptitude of the Obama administration.  I am not one who thinks he is not a citizen, but I do think he moves through office with a hubris and intellectual arrogance unfounded by any real accomplishment.  I had to marvel at him on a repeat of his appearance on “The View”, where he chastised opposition to his policies as “mere politics”…apparently not thinking that appearing on most any pop talk show he can is anything less than “mere politics.”

But his recent policy initiative bothers me.  Not the initiative itself, but his timing.

The president recently announced a $50 billion infrastructure plan to shore up our aging highways and railroads while putting people to work.  It is pure FDR/New Deal, and will increase the deficit.

I am, to a point, comfortable with the late Richard Russell who said “In a Depression, I am a Liberal-in good times, I am a reactionary”.  I can handle this type of pump priming in an emergency.

 But what irks me is that this type of infrastructure initiative, with its attendant debt issues, was advanced by Candidate Obama as something he would do immediately upon election. But instead, he went in for actions that made him the head of the US Automotive industry, pushed a health care plan of questionable constitutionality, and accepting Nobel Peace Prizes he had neither earned nor deserved.

Think how much better for the country had this plan been executed two years ago? Impact on employment, fiscal impact on the supply chain, improved infrastructure now instead of sometime down the road.

It is just another misjudgment by a man who probably should have been filling in the “community activist” portion of his resume instead of running for president.

In today’s WaPo Richard Cohen blames the president’s struggles on a staff that is unequal to the job, saying that “Like a picture hung in the sun, he fades over time” because his staff has allowed others to define him.

In truth the president fades like a picture that seems vibrant while the light is on others, but fades under the light because he is unequal to the circumstances…and I have not seen anything to suggest changes in that condition.


One thought on “Obama Blows It Again…

  1. Bwana:
    The Presidents’ lack of business or real work life is astounding. He has no concept of reality and therefore does not begin to understand why a) his policies are failing and b) Why the average American is not behind them or his congress anymore.
    Glad you are writing again Bwana,

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