Karma is a (political) bitch

I have long observed that what goes around comes around, karma will kick in, and people will get their just desserts. Having trumpeted the wind, certain Virginia Democrats are now enjoying the long process of experiencing the whirlwind.

In 2005 Governor Mark Warner went to certain GOP members, fiscal conservatives all, and asked them to vote for a tax increase to save the state AAA bond rating and keep the state budget floating. Various GOP delegates believed him when he said a tax increase was the only way to keep the state in the black.

Conscientious conservatives like Harry Parrish trusted Mark Warner and voted for his tax plan. Imagine their surprise when it was discovered that even without the tax increase the state would not have run a deficit and-OH!-there was also $137 million in state funds that were “overlooked” by Team Warner in their calculations.

Folks like Harry Parrish suffered intraparty opprobrium for their actions, and Mark Warner rode on to the Senate on the wings of passing his “necessary” tax increase. For years the GOP has pointed out-fruitlessly-that Warner at worst lied and at best didn’t know what he was talking about, and that his rep as a budget guru is unfounded and his political integrity is dubious at best.

The GOP has listened to this beatific manure for years…and thought “OMG, why won’t the public face facts and smell the coffee?”

Now the shoe passes…

Recently Governor MacDonald came out of this first year in office with a budget surplus. A stunning development in recessionary times. He has been lauded for a budgetary miracle.  At the very least the first year has not been thebudgetary disaster his critics predicted.

Virginia Democrats argue that in fact it is an accounting trick, there is no real surplus, and thought “OMG, why won’t the public face facts and smell the coffee?”

Karma is a bitch.


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