Rand Paul Has ’em Scared

Why do I say that?

Because I just got an email requesting a contribution to his opponents “moneybomb”.

A request to name on a list, especially on an email list, is nothing new.  But the request came from Creigh Deeds.

Yep, Creigh Deeds who got crushed in the fundraising arena when he ran for Governor in Virginia in 2009.

If the KY Dems are running to Creigh Deeds to get money, then you know they must be running scared.

Yep, that Democratic Bad News November is looking bleaker and bleaker.


One thought on “Rand Paul Has ’em Scared

  1. Bwana:
    It is instances like this that remind of an epsode of the West Wing in the conclusion the CJ Craig character says – “They’re coming to get us!” I think that is what is happening, the people are not happy and they are coming to clean house in Kentucky and everywhere else. No incumbent is safe (unless they are unoppossed) The first Tuesday in November will be interesting indeed!

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