Hogan Suspended from WVU Football Team

Four years ago, Brandon Hogan led Osbourn HS to a state football championship, the first (and to date only) in school history.

Brandon went on to WVU on a full ride to play football, and while there he transitioned from backup QB to starting cornerback.

Today it was announced he  has been suspended indefinitely from the team after a DUI arrest, his second legal run-in in five months.

Too bad.  Just too, too bad.


2 thoughts on “Hogan Suspended from WVU Football Team

  1. I recall when it seemed as though half of the Redskins were drunk, both on and off the field.

    College is a time for young adults to learn. When they make mistakes, they should not be given an academic death sentence, they should be helped to become better citizens.

    As for drinking by college students: It is ludicrous that a man can take a bullet in the head for his country after being drafted, but his country will not let him have a beer. If we reject the MADD mothers BS, we could have more stable social environments on our campuses. The current neo-prohibition for citizens 18-21, just drives drinking underground and promotes binge drinking.

    Hogan should contact the University of Richmond (aka Richmond Center for Leftist Indoctrination) their football program takes the Division I rejects from all across the country.

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