Democrats Throw in Towel in Va-10

Yesterday the WaPo ran an article on Democrat Jeff Barnett, challenger to GOP Congressman Frank Wolf in Va-10. The reaction in the blogosphere shows the Demos have thrown in the towel.

Granted that Mr. Barnett had only 66K in the bank at the last report, as opposed to $550K for Mr. Wolf. Also, Mr. Barnett was not the first choice of Lowell Feld and those other blogospherians who so heatedly championed Judy Feder in 2006 and 2008.

Nonetheless, I was confident as I strolled by Blue Virginia that there would be an a diary post of some length addressing the article-either praising it’s clarity and description of reasons to support Mr. Barnett, or admonishing the writer for clearly misunderstanding the race and not giving Mr. Barnett adequate credit.


The folks at BluVa know about the article…Lowell cited it in his Whipple Clips for Sunday, September 19.

But nothing else. No Sturm and Drang, no cries to attack the castle, no excitement for a later day Gaston out to slay the Wolf.

Cold silence-and no matter how much you talk anti-incumbent rage, you know if the party faithful cannot get excited about their candidate winning a race, it is doubtful the public will rally to their candidate, either.

I suspect this is the mark of a general tossing of the towel…that the Democrats have decided after three straight cycles of highly promoted candidates getting taken down by Congressman Wolf they had best spend their efforts trying to hold their gains from 2008…and hope that the redistricting gives them a more favorable shot come 2012.


4 thoughts on “Democrats Throw in Towel in Va-10

  1. My assumption was that JB was getting ready for Halloween. Around McLean I have seen some that are black lettering on an orange background…easier to read, but still.

    OR, maybe he went to Princeton…

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