VP Biden-Violently Stupid

The Vice-President of the United States recently said “If I hear one more Republican tell me about balancing the budget, I am going to strangle them.”

Such a violent reaction to a reasonable discussion topic, and a failure to read history. Biden forgets that FDR lost southern support in the Congress when he tried to push a second round of new spending at a time when the conservative southern democrats who had backed the New Deal began pushing for spending reduction.

I bet Biden’s comments will have a similar impact-at a time when GOP candidates are scoring points over Democratic Deficits and “stimulus), does Biden really think it wise to assault those who want to balance the budget?

There is already talk about 2012. The Democratic ticket behind Door #1 is the status quo, and a switch with Biden going to State and Hillary Clinton running for VP is behind Door #2.

I suggest if the Veep keeps it up, he won’t be welcome at either Door #1 or Door #2.


3 thoughts on “VP Biden-Violently Stupid

  1. I like that characteristic in Joe Biden. He is not habitually spouting talking points (though he still does sometimes) but when he appears in your town, like he did here in Richmond a while back, he spoke about real issues that related to the Richmond area, and highlighted some of the local business operators who were struggling to stay afloat.

    Regardless of his political affiliation, he impresses me as a good citizen who genuinely cares about America.

    We need more men like him in politics; men who will veer from the talking points now and then, and perhaps choke the shit out of a Republican who is acting obnoxious.

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