Gerry Connolly-Too Stupid or Too Desperate to be in Congress?

Gerry Connolly’s most recent advertisement has me wondering if he is too stupid or too desperate to be in Congress.

On September 7, 2010 Keith Fimian told an audience at GMU if elected he would take a salary cut to $50K (from the current congressional salary of $174,000) until he balanced the budget…then he wanted a $250k bonus.

Gerry Connolly decided he heard something different, and pops out this lemon of an advertisement…

Let’s set aside that the comment was clearly playing for laughs.  What Fimian said was “I will take a cut, and if I balance the budget I want a bonus of x”.  Never said everyone should get a bonus…and yet Connolly blithely lies about what Fimian said by claiming Fimian wants to give all members a $250k bonus.

Yep, this is not a disagreement over issues, this is the Connolly campaign lying over what Fimian said…and providing audio and video to show they are lying.

I find it odd that Gerry Connolly, who has used the public treasury to push along his political hopes, who has shown in his long career in Fairfax County that he has no real conscience about tax increases, is trying to push himself off as a fiscal conservative.

I am not surprised GC is slinging mud…just this particular mud.  To out-and-out lie to the voters over what his opponent said, and do it in a campaign advertisement?

He must be in worse shape than I thought…

NLS calls it “one of the stupidest political ads I have ever seen.”

…which leads me back to the question “is Gerry Connolly too stupid or too desperate to be in Congress?”

Either way, the chutzpah and bad judgement reflected in running this ad shows Gerry Connolly is completely unsuited to serve in the House of Representatives.

Bring him home, and in his freed up hours perhaps he can learn the difference between the words “truth” and “lie”.


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