Wait ’til Next Year!

The ODAC football season began in earnest this past weekend as the conference schedule, and the old alma mater Bridgewater College lost a nail biter to Hampden-Sydeney 24-17.  This victory not only pushed the Tigers into the DIII Top 20 but points toward the year-end fight with Randolph-Macon (also in the top 20) as a potential fight for the conference championship and a DIII playoff spot.

To Hampden-Sydeny in general and to James Young in particular, congrats on the win-but wait ’til next year!


3 thoughts on “Wait ’til Next Year!

  1. While I appreciate the magnanimity, bwana, I freely confess that I had nothing to do with the Tigers’ victory!

    And just remember: next year, it’s at Death Valley!

  2. James, it is time you embrace one of the joys of alumni-hood…you can take full bragging rights when the team wins, and when they lose complain loudly in the certain knowledge that if they just did it like you told them to, they would have won!

  3. While it might be against blogger “union rules,” bwana, I am entirely humble when discussing football, since I haven’t played myself since about the fifth grade. Except, of course, when it comes to labor issues about which, as you know, I do have a special expertise.

    However, I can still throw a mean spiral!

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