There’s Got to Be a Morning After: Post-Election Ruminations

Well…quite a night…and I am not talking about the Fairfax Fall Ball LL Championship WMD #2 almost won.

GOP up 60+ seats with control of the House, and at least +7 in the US Senate.  Yes, I know currently Alaska is not listed as GOP, but the winner will be either Miller or Murkowski, and either of them will caucus GOP.

In the wake of this, some thoughts come to mind…

1. Democrats are in full blown fulmination at Daily Kos and Blue Virginia. The level of vituperation is something to behold. Example at #11 in the Blue Virginia Winners List:

John BONEr, Eric Can’tor, the Republican Party of Virginia, the NRCC, etc. They may have run a lying, cynical, vicious, vapid campaign, but in politics, if you win you’re a genius. So today, I guess they’re geniuses.

1a. I find it somewhat amusing that these Democratic blogs attack the GOP as they do above and act as if their conduct is above reproach, but consider it OK to refer to people by ridiculous to offensive nicknames…examples-Richard Wadhams is Dick Wad(hams), George Allen=Felix Maccacawitz, Tea Party activities=Tea Baggers, and above for other examples.

2. Who will be running the special elections to fill the General Assembly seats held by Congressmen-elect Robert Hurt and Morgan Griffith? Was surprised to see an implication that the Democrats did not have folks in the wings ready to roll.

3. I was surprised to see Rick Boucher lose.  He first went to the House by beating a long term incumbent (Bill Wampler, Sr.), and has held serve against a long line of opponents, some more worthy than others (the late Jeff Stafford being my favorite).  What was the big diff this year?  Either the wave or the beard-you make the call.

4. The GOP had best not get cocky-this election was less an embrace of the GOP than a head slap to the Democratic Party. 

5. Same goes for the Democrats. Many Democrats are already saying those who lost worst or most surprisingly (veteran Blue Dogs, for example) would have done better had they run hard as “real Democrats”.  Well, as a friend of mine wrote me this AM:

“The progressives are continuing to (in my opinion) not get the message that people did not elect Obama to “fundamentally change America”, but rather get us out of two wars, hope the economy would improve, and give us something other than the republicans from the previous 8+ years.”

6. Seems like the new blame game exercise is to say the Tea Party cost the GOP the Senate…and yes, TP candidates lost in Delaware, Colorado, and Nevada. However, without those same activists pounding the pavement and stirring up the electorate would the big wave even have existed? Got to call that a blame thing a “push”…
6a. I don’t know that not winning the US Senate is a bad thing for this cycle. One thing that saved Clinton in 1996 was that the GOP held all of Congress in 1995-1996, and was able to run against them. With the Democrats holding one house-but not holding it big-the Democrats cannot avoid legislative scrutiny as they did 15 years ago.

7. My early guess on redistricting is that the 11th will come out more Democratic and the 10th more GOP.

8. What of the “Obama Voter”? Where have the folks who came out two years ago in Virginia and pushed Obama over the top and brought Nye and Perriello with them? It may be they are not the monolithic beast some make them out to be…perhaps, just perhaps, they were just folks tired of GWB and the GOP after eight years and voted for change…and did the same in Virginia in 2009 and 2010.

9. While I still think Obama wins reelection in 2012, his job just got tougher. Redistricting is going to run counter to the Democrats hopes, and lots of votes shifting south and west.

10. Real early potential big winners for the Democrats on Tuesday? Chap! Peterson and Al Pollard. The 2009 and 2010 elections have riddled the Democratic ranks. Lots of potential candidates are now damaged goods. Gerry Connolly has been shown to not be a big draw on his own-if you were picking a statewide candidate, would you pick someone who only won big with the president’s coattails? Perriello is a liberal pin-up idol, but I don’t see him making the big transition to statewide candidate after his loss. If Chap! and Al win reelection in 2011, then I can easily see them both being touted as statewide gems in 2013.

11. The only reason Tim Kaine would not be down for the count after yesterday is his noted friendship with the President of the USA. On his watch the Democrats not only got shellacked in 2010, but in 2009. I look for President Obama to move his pal and almost VP to someplace like Department of Commerce, because our former Governor has proven once again to be a good soldier but a horrible leader.

Got to run! ttfn…


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