First, We All Got to Get Right with Reality

We are all aware of the recent Tucson Tragedy.  Many of us have seen the fingers being pointed at Sarah Palin and a variety of conservative commentators for creating a “toxic environment” through the “language of hate”.

None of these folks are mentioning the arrest of last year “an anti-semite leftist” for threatening to kill Eric Cantor, (VA, R-7).

To some degree this failure is motivated by politics, because to suggest elected officials of all stripes are being threatened would ruin the narrative they are trying to sell while Representative Giffords fights for her life.

However, it also attempts to hide the decade of hate spewed out by those on the left.

There is blame to go around…and it runs all the way down to the various blogs that use juvenile humor to camouflage their insults.

I have always been fascinated by Poe’s short story “The Cask of Amontilado”, which begins with the words:

The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge.

Yet we never discover what the injuries or insult were. I have long thought that there is a strong possibility that they may well have been little things, small liberties or comments, as opposed to one big thing…that perhaps it was an accumulation of small problems that escalated to one large explosion. All we know is that a most deadly revenge was taken.

So when you see Democratic/Progressive/Lefty blogs attacking the right, and then engaging in the practices listed by Ms. Malkin above or even the childish insults of a Blue Virginia blog where John Bohener, Eric Cantor, and George Allen are regularly referred to as “John Boner”, “Eric Can’t-or”, and “Felix Maccacawitz”, it becomes obvious that stones are being thrown in glass houses….only some of the stones are boulders, and some are pebbles.

It has long been said that forgiveness and redemption is possible only with confession…that you have to “get right with the Lord” before change can come.

The same is true in our countries political discourse. Until both sides admit they have chosen to use language that is incendiary and insulting either for political gain and/or emotional satisfaction, until all recognize that hurtful nicknames from “Maccaca” to “Felix Maccawitz” are demeaning to both the speaker and the spoken of, until everyone is willing to get right with the reality that both sides have contributed to this swamp of odious behavior and that everyone needs to dial it back to a level of discourse that is founded in courtesy, respect, and a willingness to fight over issues and not personality and name calling…if not, then I am afraid the moment of silence observed this AM will not be the last time we grieve.


2 thoughts on “First, We All Got to Get Right with Reality

  1. I agree with you. The left has spewed rhetoric just like the right. Both sides need to calm down. For now, however lets focus on the victims, Giffords and the other survivors-hope and pray for a full recovery, and the judge, the 9 year old girl et al. Their families are hurting and politicizing it wont help. There may be a time to discuss rhetoric, guns, or anything else but lets give it a week or so. The victims and their families deserve that much.

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