My Senatorial Enthusiasm Discovers New Depths of Despair…

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I am a political junkie. Have been since high school. I find the whole process fascinating and a fundamental representation of what “we the people” are and “what “we the people” think at a given point in time.

At no time have I felt so unenthusiastic about the choice potentially being offered by both parties in Virginia for the 2012 US Senate race.

Jim Webb was a mixed bag of nuts. When he was all in on an issue, like veterans rights-he was all in. When he was lukewarm on an issue-like Obamacare-he ran like a scalded dog when other elected representatives were holding public meetings and hearings. His addressed the issue he cared about-Iraq-and is ready to leave. Probably a good thing.

That leaves his seat to fill. The Dems are mentioning a lot of folks, none of whom really stand out. The GOP are mentioning a lot of folks, all of whom stand…out for their baggage or the single issue they are excited about.

I suspect we are looking at a race between two former governor’s-George Allen and Tim Kaine. Allen would be running for the seat he lost and an office that he professed during his first stint that he wasn’t excited about. Kaine would be running on the shoulders of President Obama, seeking to add yet another chapter to his political career where his victory counted far less on what he did than on the benefit he derived from the actions of others.

The race I’d like to see? Bob Marshall v. Leslie Byrne. Both of them ideological residents of the (respectively) right and left wings of the political spectrum. I suspect there is very little policy agreement, and the two are outspoken enough that the campaign would be forthright, candid, entertaining, and educational.

But does anyone really want a campaign like that? Doubtful.

But if all this does come to pass, one thing I am looking forward to is seeing how FormerGuv Kaine, after years of talking about being Mayor of Richmond, tries to spin that time as legislative experience.


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