Hypocrisy Lives!

It seems no matter how hard I try to get away, I get pulled back in…

Work and other matters kept me away from the blogosphere to the point where I though I should just go ahead and close up shop-but there are some recent hypocrisies that need to have a bright light shined up on them.

I have long recognized the nature of the political animal is going to cause folks to say an act is good when it favors them and bad when it doesn’t…but some are just so ridiculously ridiculous they have to be called out for public consumtion.

The first is the ongoing spray fest in the VA 13 Senate race.  Dick Black has been called out for voting in favor of what the Washington Times has called a pay raise. The Black supporters say it wasn’t a pay increase, but an increase in per diem/office funding.  However, since the difference in the amount budgeted and the amount spent went into the pocket of the official, it does appear to be an increase in compensation.

The Hypocrisy?  Think of how many times many of these same folks have said fee increases or anything that increases the amount of citizen money that goes to the government is a tax, no matter what it is called…yet somehow voting in favor of a measure that puts more money in private pocket of an elected official is not a pay increase.  Of course, maybe Mr. Black should get a pass since his carpetbagging antics moving from district to district can run up a high moving/rent bill…

Frankly, given the wildly horrendous record in public life compiled by former Delegate Black this seems small potatoes to yell about-but that is another matter.

You may have seen that when Texas Governor Rick Perry jumped into the GOP 2012 nomination fight, the GOP Governor’s Association moved Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell from the Vice-Chairman position to the top spot.  The Boys at Blue Virginia are attacking McDonnell for taking the position as proof he is for Bob, and not for Virginia.

The Hypocrisy?   Apparently what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander…the same folks who are attacking McDonnell were wildly supportive when a Democratic Governor took on the far more demanding position of DNC Chairman and saw no reason why it would interfere with his performance of his duties.  Of course, even regular posters to BlueVa are calling BS and noting the claim is ridiculous.

What does this mean?  It means we are about to hit Tabiya season, that season of predictable actions and reactions from campaigns-which although predictable does not deflect the potential of hypocrisy from them…as noted here and here.  They are not new, but neither is hypocrisy in politics-nor does it seem to be going away anytime soon.


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