Seek the Cooch Method, not the Cooch Endorsement

There is so much attention being given to the Virginia 13 Senate Primary (a/k/a “The Big Spraying Contest”) that all but forgotten are the GOP primaries in Va 36 and Va 37. Both campaigns reflect the wisdom of embracing The Cooch. No not necessarily on issues, but on how to run a campaign.  These candidates should stop trying to get his endorsement and instead embrace his method of campaigning.

When then SenKen was running for reelection, I commented on how well he ran his campaign. In part:

Why should Cooch be hailed for running the ideal campaign? Because it is something that GOP candidates seem increasingly unable to do. GOP candidates in tough races almost always give in to the urge to do something cute that they are sure will just devastate the opposition-but more typically puts a final nail in their own coffin. Instead, Cooch stuck to the basics and did not allow blood lust to overcome his judgement. He did not succumb to over-eagerness or being over-cutesy. He went back to the basics to win the campaign, and now he is going back to the Senate.

Cooch created a plan, stuck with it, and did what he had to do to give himself his best chance of winning…and it paid off. He won a re-election campaign that no one outside the true believers really thought he had a chance of winning

Bottom line: run smart,  run organized, stay focused.  Endorsements are nice, but a ground game win a message wins elections.

That ship has sailed for The Big Spraying Contest, but we can see in Va 36 and Va 37 where some folks see the value to such an approach-and those who do not.

In Virginia 36 former Delegate and RPV chairman Jeff Frederick and Tito “the Builder” Munoz seek the GOP nod.  Frederick is running a solid campaign, and has locked up endorsements from politicians across the GOP spectrum from Keith Fimian on one end to Tom Davis on the other.

Tito is running a campaign based more on machismo than on logic.  Examples are detailed here, and they all remind of a chess player I once knew whose plans never seemed to work. Why? Because his plans all counted on opponents responding exactly how he wanted them to-which they almost never did.

Munoz apparently thought Frederick would be reviled by the electorate for ignoring a challenge to an all spanish language debate. I have read and followed politics for a while, but I have not found many candidates in the USA pushing for a non-english language debate. Ethnic speeches in a different language-absolutely. A debate?….

There does not seem to be a great deal of thought or organization behind the Munoz effort.  Mix together the debate offer, his focus on federal issues and saying he will do x and then doing y you have a campaign that does not seem to have a firm idea of what it stands for or what it needs to accomplish.

Virginia 37 has been quieter, as if between two candidates who are…well…adults.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but both seem to have an idea about what they are about and how to defeat their opponent at the ballot box and not in the sand box.  The attacks are reasonable and within the expected realm of politics-experience, electability, pronounced past positions v. actual past positions, etc.  Not very exciting…just issues, mailings, public appearances, door-to-door…you know, the things that win elections.

So…I find it amusing that all these GOP candidates are out seeking Cooch’s endorsement and imprimatur.  They need don’t need to trumpet his endorsement, they need to emulate his example.  Run smart, run organized, stay focused.  The Cooch Method.


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