The Chronic Complainers-Weather Division

There is a kind of person that drive me batty.

You’ve met them-the chronic complainers. They have to complain.

Sometimes the subject is something we all gripe about-traffic, gas or grocery prices, Dave Marsden not fulfilling campaign promises-universal themes.

More often than not, you just know that regardless of the subject they will find something to kvetch about.

Hurricane Irene is bringing them out in droves, and it is half way driving me up the wall. I say half way because on one point they are right.

That point?  The national media acts as if Hurricane Irene was a really big rainstorm until it made landfall in Jersey and then hit New York City.  The national media coverage suggests that the evacuation of 250,000 locals plus a closed down subway seems to dwarf the billions of damage suffered in the Carolinas.  The loss of life-all of which happened outside Gotham-is barely mentioned.

But what annoys me is then The Chronic Complainers gripe about the weather coverage…

“Too Much about Too Little!”

“Much ado about nothing!”

The Chronic Complainers, especially in Northern Virginia, seem to forget that had Irene sashayed up the coast as little as 25 miles farther west than she did it would be a whole different ball game.  Then the band of just rain and increased winds would have pushed out into the Shenandoah Valley, and Arlingon, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun counties would have been right in the middle ten kinds of trouble.  In that case, they could have muttered to themselves about the news coverage while they were cleaning out their flooded homes…instead of going on and on about how the media walked so much about a storm that really did so little in Northern Virginia.

Suggestion-quit your complaining, say a prayer of gratitude, and thank your lucky stars Irene went on walk about where she did-and not with a core path that tracked over D.C.

UPDATE: For once, Courtland Milloy and I seem to agree on something, although we got there by different routes.


2 thoughts on “The Chronic Complainers-Weather Division

  1. Bwana:
    Well put and I agree that the media coverage is somewhat sickening over how much occurred in New York and very little attention is given to the damage and destruction that occurred here in our beleoved commmonwealth. You and I probably both have relatives and friends who are still without power, have lost more than a few house shingles and probably most of the groceries that were purchased in preparation of the storm. Many folks across Virginia are having to live in temporary housing until their homes are repaired to a livable condition. But nothing is said about this at all on CNN, ABC, NBC or Fox and others.
    I am one of the quiet many who are greatly thankful that we didn’t have another Isabel and that I just had a few small limbs to pick-up and was only without Cable, Internet and Phone for about 4 hours, but I never lost power. Very grateful indeed.
    Good Post and very glad to have you back.

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