Hoffa and Democratic Hypocrisy

It is a well known fact that within the major political parties there are always loose cannons who proudly show their stupidity by using vitriolic rhetoric.

The two major parties have distinct ways of approaching the matter. When someone fires off on the GOP side, the GOP tends to ignore the loose cannon. The Democrats constantly amaze me by the way they will embrace and justify insulting language on their side…but would condemn the same in a Republican.

The recent James Hoffa comments are part for the course. He calls to “take these sons of bitches out”…meaning the Tea Party and the GOP, language that is both incidiary and gramatically incorrect (split infinitives and all that…)…and this is part of an introduction of the President.

I am the first to recognize that Mr. Hoffa was not raised in a dainty environment. His rise to lead the Teamsters and his defeat of the entrenched and corrupt Ron Carey faction is not the work of a weak or timid man.

Nonetheless, his comments and their defense by Democrats is typical of their recent practices.  After all, this is the party that regularly refers to Tea Party members as “Teabaggers”, a reference in polite conversation that would be considered execrable and insulting.  However, the Democrat bloggers who got their knickers in a twist about references to the “Democrat Party” regularly use this reference.

Had a Republican said anything close to this, there would be immediate statements of outrage.  The speaker would be accused of poisoning political discourse.  The horrible fate of Gabby Gifford would be paraded about like The Bloody Shirt, and the language would be denounced as an invitation to violence.

Instead, a profound silence.  President Obama, on whose behalf the SOB assault was to be led, has refused to say a thing beyond mentioning how proud he is of Mr. Hoffa. The only comment to be heard from the Democratic side of the aisle is a dedicated Democratic strategist who claims the comments somehow “advance the dialogue”. Not that they will fire up the troops, but they advance the dialogue.  BTW, isn’t it precious how this gentleman keeps calling the Democratic Party the “Labor Party”?

At last count, only Joe Scarborough is taking folks to task over this matter.

“Seriously, we talk, we criticize Republicans all the time when they come out, Michele Bachmann says horrible things or Sarah Palin has targets and all the press joins in and it’s a big old party, but you have the head of the Teamsters introducing the President of the United States and he talks about quote ‘taking them out.’ Silence. Not a word. And you know, every media outlet — actually Jake Tapper, [of] ABC News did something on it, but nobody else,”

Of course, the head of the DNC refuses to address the matter.

Once again, what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander…and you just know Wasserman Schultz knows how bad this comment is from the way she won’t even marginally address it.

So much for the President calling for civility in public discourse…


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