Sunday Ruminations Coming Down…

Pots of coffee and an assortment of Sunday papers cause me to reflect on a few things…

Congrats to Phil “The Gift” Heath, who reached his potential last night by defeating four time winner Jay Cutler and winning the Mr. Olympia contest

It is nice to see the gang at Blue Virginia back in full out campaign snark, not that there is anything wrong with it. The difference from 2009/2010 is that this year they are all in with certain candidates (The Hoot, Shawn Mitchell) and bringing the bile…

…of coure, they have grown strangely silent in some races, like the 34th HOD race. Silence on a race in BlueVa is a fairly good measure that a race is no longer competitive.

The NLS blog is shedding whatever veneer of political objectivity it has ever had with Ben Tribbett’s revelation that he is serving as The Hoot’s campaign chairman.

I remembered this AM that I owe Vivian Paige a guest column (sorry VP!). You will see it this week…

Does anyone really think that as things stand now that Chuck Colgan won’t win reelection this year?

A hearty thank you to my sister in law annika for the introduction to the Swedish dish “Flying Jacob”-delicious!

The BRYC/football division is one of the worst run outfits I have ever encountered, if only for their unclear and inconsistent application of weight eligibility rules.

I have discovered the Cozi app, and it rules.

Since April, I am down 38 lbs-which leads me to believe that all the stories I head growing up that the older you get the harder it is to lose weight-are true.

Hail to the Redskins

My father passed away three years ago as of 9/15, and I miss him. I would love to hear his take on President Obama.

I am surrounded by cycling enthusiasts, but I find it difficult to get fired up about it-perhaps because I fear a cycle large enough to carry me will resemble a HumVee.

Olympus Gym rocks.

When is the next top notch book on Virginia politics going to come out? Beyond the Frank Atkinson books, I don’t know that there has been a top flight book on Virginia politics since Ron Heillman’s biography of Harry F. Byrd, Sr. more than ten years ago.

My wife just told me she would Looooooove to go the Road Kill Festival in West Virginia. I think she is just humoring me.

I wonder if the President has read MacBeth recently? I wonder because his advisors seems to be taking great comfort from factors they consider “permanent”-like their interpretation of the Electoral College topography. MacBeth also put great faith in prophecy-he could not fall until Birnam Wood came to Dunsiname Castle, and that he could not be killed by man of woman born. Both prophecies, seeming impossible, come true. Obama should take note that prophecy is not the same thing as inevitability.


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