Bizarro World Endorsements in Braddock Supervisor Race

It’s Bizarro World in my corner of the county, and I don’t know what to make of it.

As a resident of the Braddock District in Fairfax I sit in the eye of the hurricane of two heavily contested races.  Dave “The Carpetbagger” Marsden v. Jason Flanary in the 37th state Senate district, and John Cook v. The Hoot in the Board of Supervisors contest.

What is of recent interest is a series of endorsements that on the face of them seem quite bizarre.

John Cook has been endorsed by the SEIU, and The Hoot has been endorsed by two longstanding GOP supporters.

What a world we live in…while Cookis being under attack by progressive Democrats and Oleszek campaign staff as being “Tea Party” and a “Kookinelli” clone, he gets an endorsement from a union that is anathema to conservative Republicans.  Democrats spin the endorsement as being the result of Cook making deals with the SEIU…although I don’t see how Hoot and her campaign were prevented from doing the same.

I guess I’m a little skeptical that when push comes to shove that Mr. Cook will really deliver on these alleged promises.  Call me cynical…

On the other side of the road, ProgDems are working themselves into a lather about endorsements from respected retired basketball coach Red Jenkins and the retired Mayor Tom Peterson of Clifton.  Jenkins ran for the Board of Supervisors in Braddock in 1991, losing to Sharon Bulova.  The logic behind the lather is that despite these gentlemen hold great appeal with longstanding residents, who are more likely to vote in a supervisor election.  Of course, this logic discounts not only how much influence they have over voters who have moved into Braddock very recently, but also those of longstanding residence who have not had children move all the way through the school system…like me.

By way of example, I moved into Braddock District in 1997 after marrying SWMBO, so I have been here 14 years.  I don’t live in the Woodson pyramid.  When the Oleszek campaign chairman told of the endorsements he had explain to me who these guys were so I would realize just how big a get this is.When I hear that they are behind The Hoot for her work on a school board that has been roundly chastised for bad management and overspending…well, again, I have to wonder less about their accomplishments and more about their judgement.

That’s why these endorsements are so bizarre…

First, that Cook and The Hoot (which would make a reasonably good band name) would get major endorsements that would normally be assumed to go to their opponents. 

Second, these assumptions that these are major scores in the campaign.  Will the SEIU really be able to muster support and vote for Cook, or is this a cosmetic thing that wins him a short term headline and long term headaches?  Will the current residents of Braddock district be held in thrall by a retired coach many know nothing of, and a former small town mayor whose town is not in Braddock District?

Yes, It’s truly Bizarro World in my corner of the county…perhaps this is the campaign corollary of the old comment about Academic Politics…

It has been said that “academic politics are so bitter because the stakes…are so small”

Perhaps in this campaign these endorsements causing such excitement because there is so little get excited about.


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