Retail Woes and the Fools Who Woe Them…

We are all aware of the recent closing of Big Box bookseller Borders Bookstore, and carries a story about a sign of discontent posted at an unnamed Borders store where employees trying not to let the door hit them on the way out left a poison pen letter to the public.

I think it is telling that no one is saying where this went up…you have to think if folks were really going for the walk off Home Run Insult, they would want to be clear who in what locality it was meant for.  Second, the intellectual ego of those who so often work in book stores is revealed in labeling a bullet list as an “ode”.

Nonetheless, these folks have a right to be frustrated. There are several reasons a once thriving bookstore failed, and officious in store staff is not one of them…

Of course, while they impress us with the woes of their work, I cannot help but remember that no one forced them to work at Borders…and I remember the times I have been at a Borders and in response to the question “where is x section”, I got a vague wave of the hand, or the times I got handed around from staffer to staffer without anyone really attempting to help me.

There is foolishness at work here, but I hesitate to say who it is.  What I can say about this poison pen letter is that he who is without sin gets to pitch the first beanball, and I have a hunch the writers of this note probably have a few apologies of their own to offer.


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