The Hoot Again Refuses to Deal with Reality

I knew when Janet “Hoot” Oleszek got the Democratic nomination she would make for good copy, if only becaue her enthusiasm and willingness to do what others tell her and her desparate desire to regain public office often outdistances her sense of logic.  So I am not surprised to find her recent firefighter endorsement to be not all that BlueVa and her campaign chairman make it out to be.

Lowell and the gang at Blueva make a huge deal of her endorsement by the IAFF. They note that the Firefighters have not endorsed a non-incumbent candidate since 1999…while failing to note that the IAFF always endorses Democrats in contested elections. In fact, the most constant reminder of permanence in politics is the regularity of the black and gold IAFF endorsement banners for democratic candidates in the fall. BTW, that 1999 endorsement of a non-incumbent was also for a Democrat against an incumbent Republican candidate.

But let’s drill a little bit farther….

Hoot claims in her press release that:

“…The next Supervisor in Braddock District must be committed to public safety-especially as we consider the budget. Supervisor Cook has voted against public safety when he has voted against Fairfax County’s budget.”

Wow…that claim is so mind-boggling.  I am surprised that Ben Tribbett allowed it to go out. The language is so imprecise it is not clear what she is up in arms about.

Is she :
a) Taking Cook to task for voting in favor of a budget that was as fiscally responsible as possible given the Democratic majority?
b) Taking him to task for voting against a budget that abdicated any sense of fiduciary responsibility and gave everyone everything they wanted even at the cost of tax increases? 
c) Is she just exhibiting her school board spending habits of wild, wanton spending?
d) Is she so desperate to catch up to Cook she’s just hurling general charges hoping something will stick?

Honestly, from her comment I don’t know…

Her tenure on the school board offers some clues.  There was not a spending proposal she could not somehow get behind.  Hoot seems to be taking him to task for attempting to be a sound steward of public funds.  The Hoot has always been a tax and spend liberal, and I can only think she is upset that Cook isn’t doing the same.

Later, she takes issue with Supervisor Cook over a personnel issue:

“This has been an issue the fire and rescue department has identified since a 2001 internal review. The lack of a 4th firefighter on ladder trucks creates safety issues for the other firefighters and paramedics. I was appalled that John Cook still doesn’t seem to understand this”.

Of course, her beef is really clear.  Watch the link provided and you understand that due to current budget constraints the position is not funded. This does not preclude the possibility of funding these positions later in the budgetary cycle.  Of course, in her press release she lacks the courage to say so-better to obfuscate the truth and try to grab votes.  After demagoging on the primary point, Hoot does not share how she would pay for these positions…is she going to shift funds from some other area, or is she in favor of raising taxes?

Typical Hoot-the same shtick we saw in 2007.  Her grasp on political reality is tenuous.  In 2007, she stated that she would have to “waffle” on a question, and on another occasion refused to say how she would have voted on a bill because the question was hypothetical.  In 2011 she is seemingly unwilling to make hard choices, instead ready to tax families to the hilt to pay for favors for her supporters.

How sad that she has yet again set her sights on elected office again without being willing to voice and defend her convictions. Too bad for the electorate-we deserve serious choices and need folks who are willing to deal with life as it is and not


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