Goose, Meet Gander…Brandon Bell Style

Over at BlueVa my left brethren are getting all “het up” because they think incumbent state Senator Ralph Smith is carpetbagging his way to a new seat.

I am amused that they suddenly give two hoots about this seat, and because they have picked a less than stellar horse to ride in the cause of their perception of liberty.

Brandon Bell, independent candidate opposing Senator Smith, is a former state senator. He was elected in 1991, and lost in 1995 to John Edwards. After the 2000 census and redistricting he won a new seat, then lost to Smith in the 2007 primary. Bell, a person I know by reputation from his time long ago in the Jaycees, announced in July he might run as an independent because he did not like the way some GOP Senators-including Smith-were changing residence to run in different seats (as a result of the 2010 census).

I am amused on multiple counts. First, Bell first issued Smith’s residency as a motivator for his candidacy in July, but only in the middle of October has he made that a campaign issue. Quite clumsy of him…but I imagine he was distracted by that 8.31.2011 finance report that showed him with $5,800.00 on hand, while Smith was just under $75k.  Seems Bell’s candidacy is getting no traction among independents or Democrats.  Seems like if this charge really had anything to it the charge would have been made long ago-and would have stuck.

It is hard to see Brandon Bell as the paragon of virtue and accuracy.  After all, this is the guy who endorsed Creigh Deeds for governor in 2009, then turned around and jumped the aisle completely, reneging on the endorsement and endorsing McDonnell.  Way to hold your ground..

Finally, I think I would put a lot more faith in this charge if even one of the Democrats getting in a lather about this had come out against Dave Marsden’s carpetbagging in January 2010.

After all, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…too bad the Democrats have themselves pretty much given the green light to such behavior.


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