Jason Flanary Brightens My Day

I was in my yard this afternoon escaping Redskins ineptitude by raking leaves when a young man came walking up the pipestem. Jason Flanary, GOP candidate for the Senate in Va-37, was in my yard.

I enjoy talking politics. I really enjoy talking politics as a break from physical labor. Talking politics while taking a break from physical labor and escaping Redskin ineptitude all at the same time is a big time trifecta.

I could not help but think that the last time a candidate came knocking on my door was one Ken Cuccinelli during a special election in 2002. Somehow my door has been missed by all statewide and congressional candidates, as well as the Hoot, John Cook, Eileen Filler-Corn, Dave Marsden, Steve Hunt, and a host of school board candidates.

OK, that made the guy aces high with me before he said very much to me…

Jason proved to be well spoken, knowledgable about a wide variety of issues, and quite personable. He asked about my neighbors, when we were going to carve pumpkins, and noting the variety of sports paraphernalia littering my driveway asked about my kids sports and the like.

As he left, I realized that even had I not already planned to vote for him, he told me something proved once and for all why we need to send Jason Flanary to Richmond and not Dave Marsden.

In the years ahead there will come a time at the federal and state levels where taxes will likely have to increase. Inflation makes it likely, the immense federal deficit makes it almost impossible to avoid. The needs of transportation infrastructure in Virginia is so large that the time will come when additional funds will be needed.

But before we raise taxes, I think it is critical that we know that our governments are operating as lean as possible, that current revenues are being used effectively and not being wasted.

We know there are a variety of philosophical differences between Flanary and Marsden, as there are between Republican and Democrat. But government effectiveness is a non-partisan issue. All parties should want to get the most bang for the buck. Just as no one wants to pay more for groceries than they have to, no one wants to pay more for a government program-no matter how necessary that program may be-than is necessary.

Who is going to be more effective in searching out waste and inefficiencies? Would you prefer…

1) A career bureaucrat who is schooled and thoroughly indoctrinated in the practice of “spend it all by the end of the fiscal year” so you can justify even more the next year regardless of need?, or…

2) A private sector businessman who is trained in the reality of squeezing dollars and making ends meet as effectively as possible-because the result of not doing this means the loss of jobs and the end of a business?

Now more than ever we need government efficiency, and I suggest someone familiar with ROI and capable of recognizing and ending waste is a better choice than someone who-beyond all the potholes and shortcoming in his record-is not prepared by experience or achievement to make the difficult choices that have to be made to ensure our tax dollars are best used.

Jason, thank you for stopping by and good luck to you!

OH, and btw, the folks across the street are with you.


3 thoughts on “Jason Flanary Brightens My Day

  1. Just a comment on gov’t effectiveness and raising taxes-At the current time I dont think VA needs to raise taxes except for transportation where the backlog is huge. One thing that should be done first though is to protect the trust fund from the raids that occur everytime there is a general fund shortfall. Perhaps a constitutional amendment to require:
    1.) 2/3 majority in both houses for the GF to borrow money from the transportation trust fund
    2.) it must be a true loan with set repayment time (perhaps 4 years?), and reasonable interest rate.

    I think that this would help a lot with public confidence as well as ensure that new transportation taxes are actually going for transportation

  2. This is the same bwana who supported Marsden in 2005, claiming he was a fiscally responsible moderate? The same one who trashed his Republican opponent because he was too young and wouldn’t support raising taxes until VA eliminated its fiscal inefficiencies?

    Flip-flop-flip-flop. Sounds like Marsden is the perfect Senator for you.

  3. No, I think you have mistaken for someone else. I never said anything like that.

    This is the Bwana who chose not to support Michael Golden because he regularly made claims that he could not or would not back up. As I noted in 2005, Mr. Golden would send out an attack mailer, and cite a Washington Post that could be found on line only if you paid to see it. When I contacted the Golden and spoke to his campaign manager-who promised to send me proof of his charges…they never did.

    That was the same Golden campaign that repeatedly called me with a robo-call left by (as I wrote in 2005) “…some[one] claiming to be Jennie Golden (the GOP wife) , who went on to say that DM was claiming that MG was in favor of “killing women” and “sending kids to school with guns”, and promising fuller explanation in a future mailing.” Needless to say, a fuller explanation never arrived.

    I don’t cotton to folks lying to me and trying to take advantage of me, which removed Michael Golden from the realm of choices. A candidate who is less than honest on the campaign trail is trustworthy once in office? So, I gave DM a try. Since then, he has tried to come across as the ultimate partisan while in the House of Delegates, and now Captain Bi-Partisan in the Senate. The man who promises to use his administrative experience to find transportation solutions…then doesn’t. The person who carpetbagged into Va-37 and admitted he did not own a home in the district, but would buy one if he was elected…and then did not.

    As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you…” now go along and peddle your falshoods someplace else.

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