Oleszek+Firefighters=Electoral Hypocrisy

I try to stay awake on my drive to work, I really do. Not only does it make for a safer drive, but some days I notice things of interest-like today, and on a campaign sign.

You may recall a few weeks back the small campaign contretemps in Braddock District where The Hoot was endorsed by the firefighters (IAFF). The IAFF takes issue with John Cook over the need for a fourth firefighter on ladder trucks.  The Hoot campaign made much of the fact they endorsed against an incumbent.  This ignores the historic IAFF almost exclusive endorsement of Democrats.  Ben Tribbett

Not mentioned in all this is that this need was first put forth in 2001, and since then the Democrat majority board has opted not to fund the position. The Mason Conservative noted that this meant The Hoot was effectively attacking Gerry Connolly and Sharon Bulova as the above denail of funding happened while they were serving as Board chair. With a solid majority on the board, it would have been no problem for the Democrats to make this happen-but they did not, not even when the county coffers were flush with greenbacks.

When I read this, I was surprised to see The Hoot cast as a rebel, but hey…you do whats you got to do to win an election.

Imagine my surprise this AM when I noticed that Bulova reelection signs with IAFF endorsement stickers on them.  If you double check the Sharon Bulova website you see the IAFF under her list of endorsements.

So they endorse The Hoot because she will stand up to John Cook and fight a policy long endorsed by Sharon Bulova and the Majority Democratic board. But if that is the case, how can they endorse Sharon Bulova? Is it because she’s a…Democrat?

If you want to endorse her because she’s a Democrat, just do it. Don’t do this Three Bumper Endorsement Dirty Boogie to try to rationalize the endorsement and make it seem like its motivated by anything more than sheer partisan politics.

Hoot has already revealed her limited grasp of county government, her Bonnie Brae debate “talk show” performance indicates how scared she is to take public questions from her constituents. But regardless of that you always thought there was a certain nutty resolution and core ethics to her.

Given this endorsement farce and her participation in it, I think we can be sure that Janet (with the help of the IAFF) has shown that she lacks knowledge of local government, lacks a willingness to answer questions from constituents unless she has control of the circumstances, and apparently lacking in scruples in this last desperate attempt to regain elected office.


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