Scattershot General Assembly Election Ruminations

As I zip around the blogosphere and the MSM, a few distinct impressions hit me…so lets take things one topic at a time today…

I feel bad for Chuck Colgan: He may win, he may lose.  All I have heard is that BVBL suggests the Obama drag is impacting several Senate races by diminishing base enthusiasm, and one of them is Colgan’s campaign. I do know two things: First, I drove to Manassas on Wednesday night for a funeral viewing, and on the way down Va-28 there were precious few Colgan signs. Four years ago, in his second “well, OK, I won’t retire since you begged me” race that strip of highway had a consistent Colgan presence. Second, and the reason I feel bad for him, is it is a real pity when a 9-term state senate faces has such doubts about his health that he has to repeat an advertisement of him running up stairs to try to put them to rest. Better for him if he could point to a recent accomplishment-but he cannot.

The sad truth is that Colgan achieved very little in Richmond prior to Harry Parrish coming to the House of Delegates, and has achieved very little since Harry’s death. Even this advertisement offers very little of in the way of achievement, only that he “fought” to accomplish things. In fact, these are the same things he was fighting for when he ran his “Rocky” ad in 2003 and 2007. One would think by now these things he is “fighting” for would have been accomplished. Pretty thin reed to hang your hopes for reelection on after more than three decades in the Virginia Senate.

Succession Ridiculosity: Isn’t it a sad commentary that this is the third time in eight years the Virginia Democrats have had to beg Chuck Colgan to run again because they have no one else who could win that Senate seat in Prince William County?  Wouldn’t you think after all this time they might have had time to groom a successor?

Dave Marsden Irony Alert: Dave Marsden jumped parties to run for public office, and elbowed aside long time Democratic activist Cathy Belter to get the slot. He has never been beloved by the Democratic rank and file, and yet he has to count on them to turn out for him if he is to win election to a four year term in a district he actually lives in. Yep, he needs the folks who don’t really like him to come out in force. Where is Alanis Morrisette when you need her?

Inspiration still needed?: I hear reports that Democrats in Virginia are running political advertisements focusing on gun rights and reproductive issues. If this is true, then they are in deep kimche. If they felt the President’s approval ratings were higher than published, they would be pushing him and his agenda to elect Democrats. If they had a compelling issue to take to the public, they would be pushing that issue. But if barely two weeks prior to an election they are focusing on Democratic base voters hot button issues, then they are in trouble and are trying to make sure the base comes out.

Depressed Partisans: There are many Democrat bloggers and writers who urge democratic voters to vote this year to prevent the potential trouble to be caused by GOP control of both houses of the General Assembly plus a GOP governor. Does it reveal the the weakness of the cause that their cause and candidates that the motivation here is not to support a Democratic agenda, but to vote against things the GOP have not yet done ?

Exuberant Partisans:   On the other side of the coin, I think every GOP blogger who is predicting a big GOP day on election day needs to go outside, turn around three times, and spit…or cuss…or even both…

…because it is foolish to risk the wrath from high atop the thing due to simple electoral hubris…ask President Dewey.

Shameful Images: Shame on the Democratic state senators who are putting images on their web sites that could cause one to infer they support Governor McDonnell, and on those who regularly put up photographs from 20 years ago and claim that is how they look now.

Hoot Kudos: One must give credit to Janet Oleszek, who apparently alone of all candidates on both sides of the aisle puts her party affiliation on her signs.   She did it in 2007, also.

Who’s Zooming Who?: I am regularly astonished by the number of Democrats who want and who get fired up when former Republican office holders who have turned their back on the GOP endorse Democratic candidates. Is there real value in an endorsement by Lynwood Holton, Russ Potts, or John Chichester?’

Who’s Zooming Who? part 2: Is there anyone out there who is really excited about a George Allen-Tim Kaine match up in 2012?  If so, there is professional counseling available to help you.

Va. 22-Democratic Firewall?: The open seat race in Virginia Senate 22 is between a Democrat from the most populous portion of the district against a Republican from the least populous portion.  There is also a sizeable African-American population.  I wonder if this ends up being the firewall race for the Democrats?

Everyone-have a great weekend!  Rush out now for bread and toilet paper before the Saturday snowfall reaches us!




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