Too Cute, Too Clever, and Too Desperate

Near as I can tell it is the time of the year to go for “Too”.  No, not the two point conversion after a touchdown…but the “Too’s” that refer to excessive something-and we’ve got plenty of it going around.

No, this is not a reference to the blog Too Conservative.

First there is the “Too Cute”.  Someone gets an idea, often an idea that is not that important, and blow it up and through unbridled creativity and bad judgement turn it into a problem.  This award goes to the LCRC for their ghoulish depiction of President Obama as a zombie with a bullet hole in his forehead. I can just picture the conversation:

Wayne: We need a new graphic for the website for Halloween
Garth: How about a zombie?
Wayne: Woah…how about a zombie with a bullet hole in his head?
Garth: Yeah-but only if really scares folks…you know, someone folks know..
Wayne: And a bunch of other pictures-maybe with a girl zombie
Garth: Girl zombie…someone everyone knows? How about…
Wayne: OBAMA and…
Garth: PELOSI!

Yeah…party on. In fact, their too cuteness was so awesome that it garnered television coverage, newspaper coverage, blog coverage…and a raft of terrible publicity for the LCRC less than ten days from an election.

Meanwhile, back in Fairfax is the Too Clever bunch at Put Braddock First (PBF)-better known to Virginia politics as Petersen, Bulova, Oleszek, and Tribbett.   Recently I mentioned the unusual financial reports submitted by PBF. Ben Tribbett, the group treasurer, sent me an email assuring me it was legal.  Apparently is is all a matter of timing, as PACS and the like are on a different reporting calendar than candidates. Based on the information in front of me, I buy that explanation.

But his answer does not explain why do it this way?  With the same three candidates being both the only contributors and the only recipients of benefit, and with a paper trail that easily shows that these are candidate financed mailings, why do it? It seems like a lot of effort for little result. Bottom line-“Too Clever”.

Last but not least is Shawn Mitchell.  Before the LCRC lost its common sense and went all Zombie on us Mitchell had provided the big shocker in Loudoun County (and parts of Prince William).  Apparently running behind Dick Black, Mitchell-as have Democrats before him-began to demonize Black over being Pro-Life and supportive of Second Amendment rights…or, in Liberal speak-Abortions and Guns.  However, it was not enough for Mr. Mitchell to take issue with Mr. Black’s record.  He felt the need to send out this image.

Really? Doesn’t he realize that a recitation of Mr. Black’s record without this image would be adequate to fire up the faithful? Now he has managed to fire up the faithful, fire up those opposed to him, and likely disgust undecided voters with bad judgement in using such a picture. I can only imagine he is “Too Desperate”…a candidate who thought he was in better condition with the voters would not have chanced using this image.

Yep-we are in the middle of “Too” season…and I fear there are a few more “too”‘s yet to be seen:

Alas, it is todays version of democracy at work, and all this conduct is “too telling”, the conduct is all “too sad for words”, and this election is “too far from over” for my taste…


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