Blue Virginia Channels the Princess Bride…

The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies. One of my favorite scenes is where Vizzini again says the Man in Black’s progress is “inconceivable!”, and Inigo Montoya replies “I don’t think that word means what you think it means”.

I am wondering the same thing about the lingo at Blue Virginia.

In a recent post at BlueVA John Cook, GOP Supervisor in Braddock District, was refered to as a “career politician”. Given that he has held only one elected office (Supervisor since winning a special election in 2009), I not sure how they come up with that title. He has held a variety of county board and HOA type positions, but since the Democrats all feel that “community organizers” walk on water and are automatically qualified to be president of the USA, one would think they would be ecstatic about his qualifications.

The fact that he is running against one of their lefty favorites, Janet “The Hoot” Oleszek”, means they will disavow all their previous belief in what is important.

But Janet Oleszek has run for-and been elected to-the Fairfax County School Board. She ran unsuccessfully for a House of Delegates nomination against David Bulova, which seeming led to a longterm political enmity with the Bulova clan. She ran unsuccessfully against Ken Cuccinelli in 2007 for the State Senate. Now she is back on the ballot for the Board of Supervisors.

H’mmm. Candidate for the
a) School Board,
b) House of Delgates,
c) State Senate, and now
d) County Board

Friends, there is a career politician in the Braddock District race. A fair look at the field and the term shows that Lowell may not fully understand the term “career politician, and suggests that his use of the term in the Braddock race is truly “inconceivable”.


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