Look who just got back today…

In the words of Thin Lizzy, the Boy(s) are Back in Town.

It has been two years since my last post, and somehow the Commonwealth and country have survived.

But I have the itch, so I reckon it is time to occasionally scratch it.

Since last we spoke my extra-curricular load has lessened-more driving the WMD (one who is now taller than me) and less running the events.  There seems to come a break when the youngsters hit age 11 where they need more and more experienced leaders and not simply interested parents who have good judgement and can properly communicate. SWMBO is now teaching in the Fairfax School system, and Teddy the Wonder Dog is-still-wondrous.

This means more time for some things-like blogging.

Which is good, because from the doings I see clearly our elected leaders have neither heard nor heeded my advice…to say nothing of Daniel Snyder-of whom we say it best when we say nothing at all.

So, as the new year begins it is my plan to blog regularly but not frenetically.  How Lowell Feld continues to crank out quality writing-day in and day out on multiple topics-while still living Life Its Ownself is beyond me.

We shall see how it goes.

One might ask-why now?  Why start blogging again?

Well, one might blame Nelson Rockefeller….or at least the new biography. Like or no, Rockefeller was a man who tried to fix problems.  Rocky liked to build, found ways to make things happen, and worked across the aisle and with local and federal government to get the financial or political resources he needed.

It is a trait I remember fondly in the Harry Parrish’s and Caton Merchant’s and other men (like my father) and women who built my hometown of Manassas. Perhaps it was because they had been to war and saw creativity and team work in solving problems was a good thing, and that it was possible to solve problems by working with people with whom you did not agree on everything.

Todays politicians hide behind behind litmus tests and party platforms and a desire to have all done their way.  No room for compromise or creativity.  No room for Rockefeller’s.

I suspect a similar thing can be said of our national discourse.  The Greatest Generation went through a Depression, fought wars, and built their worlds.  They saw no one gets things done with out help.  As Omar Little might way, I’m pondering whether the ongoing bitterness in our national discourse is a natural thing.  Is it the result of the passing of leadership from a generation that built through creative cooperation and knew that life was too short to lose opportunity due to partisan differences and sending it to a generation-the Boomers-who have too often acted as if they are right in all they do, and look down on those that do not agree with them?  Like I said, I am pondering.

One way or the other, I feel the desire to write and the need to “speak”…so come 2015, we shall see how many electrons I can burn each week.

Happy New Year!


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