Corey Stewart, Steve Chapman, and political nut cutting in Prince William County

Two days ago the Prince William County, VA Republican party held firehouse primaries to determine their nominees for a variety of local and constitutional offices. Incumbent Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart was nominated, as was his favored and endorsed candidate in the Woodbridge magisterial district Steve Chapman.

On the face of it, nothing really to look at here. Then you look more at Chapman.

Steve Chapman is a colorful fellow. He ran against Harry Parrish in a primary for the Virginia-50 House of Delegates in 2005, and lost with a respectable total. Of course, along the way he savaged Harry. Many have said Chapman may have caused a decline in Harry’s health. When Harry died in March 2006 Chapman thought he should be allowed to sit with the elected officials at the funeral. He was quickly disabused of this notion.

Chapman announced his intention to run for the seat in 2007, but inexplicably missed the filing deadline, then sued blogger Greg LeTiecq for somehow preventing him from filing on time. The law suit went nowhere.

Fast forward about ten years. Chapman has moved to Woodbridge in the wake of his marriage unraveling, where he has apparently taken up residence with a woman (married to someone else-no divorces yet) who previously lived just down the block from his family.

The story is sad and unfortunate and somewhat tawdry. Naturally, after moving into an entirely new part of the county (well, he did live there as a boy-many years ago) with a personal life in turmoil, he did what any parent, father, and reasonable adult would do to right his topsy-turvy world. He decides to run for public office.

Now here is where we get to the nut cutting. Chairman Stewart looks over to Woodbridge precinct and has three choices, endorse Chapman and all his baggage, endorse Chapman’s opponent Lee Price-clean as a hounds tooth yet showing signs to being out of the Jim Candaland mold, or doing nothing.

Stewart without hesitation endorses Chapman, who wins-I suspect-in no small part because of the Stewart endorsement.

One must admire the sheer upfront nut cutting of Corey Stewart in endorsing the primary candidate who has inferior chances of winning in the general election just so you can minimize the opposition you would encounter on the elected board.


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