Random Thought-Does Hal Parrish have a Mark Wolfe problem?

I wonder this year’s state senate race in Prince William County will pivot on the behavior of a City councilman.  Probably not, but hear me out…

Hal Parrish, Mayor of the City of Manassas, is a candidate for Virginia Senate. Mark Wolfe is a Manassas City Councilman.  Both are GOP, but I suspect for Wolfe it is more out of convenience than conscience.

As has been noted recently at BVBL, Wolfe’s name showed up on the recently released Ashley Madison lists.  This is embarrassing for Mr. Wolfe, but its fairly small potatoes.

But there are ongoing questions about the propriety of the practice of the City of Manassas giving funding to the Manassas Ballet Company.  The company provides no service to the City, and not only is Mr. Wolfe the unpaid ED of the group, his wife is the paid Artistic Director.  There was lots of back and forth and voting and revoting and forms submitted, but the bottom line is that Wolfe voted for funding that certainly enriched him, and initially he did this without hesitation…and it happened on Hal Parrish’s watch.

Hal Parrish did not benefit here, but I can just imagine an advertisement smearing Hal with Wolfe’s behavior on the Manassas Ballet front, then following up with some kind of smearing advertisement with sneering language regarding the Ashley Madison matter.

Will it happen? Doubtful.  But whatever the subject the attack ads are coming…the Democrats are going to have to put a hurting on Hal sometime in the next 90 days to win this election, and whatever it is won’t be pretty.


One thought on “Random Thought-Does Hal Parrish have a Mark Wolfe problem?

  1. Wolfe and Parish are best friends they each due what ever the other wants for city council. Parish has also supported, been in and all around jumps up and down for manassas ballet and Marks wife. Wolfe is just waiting to jump in as mayor if parish wins and they will send even more money to the ballet from local and state

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