Renaissance Ruminations is a joint owned an operated by Bwana, a married father of three living in Northern Virginia.  Bwana is a long time Republican with a long time allegiance to the Reagan Revolution and the belief that the government that governs best governs least. 

I also have a certain admiration for those on both sides of the aisle who are willing to set aside comfort and caution and put their names, ideas, and reputations out in public in search of public office.  I also have a disdain for these same folks on both sides of the aisle when they trivialize the process with silly, boorish, ridiculous, and/or unspeakable conduct.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to know that you won’t post my comments to your erroneous blog entry about VCAP, the press conference and the lawsuit against HB3202. You keep this sort of misreporting up and someday you’ll find yourself the target of a lawsuit…

  2. For those who might be curious, my reply to Mr. Rodakanakis’ senseless fulminations are attached to his original post, where I noted that: (a) I never made the claims he said I made, and (2) I had not posted his replies because I was at the beach and without internet access when he posted them. Mr. R’s failure to come back here since then and reply to my rebuttal speaks far more loudly than anything I could hope to compose.

    As far as Will goes, I did not but I am not surprised…I got the nickname back in the day while in a service club when I was in charge of a project, and someone who had just gotten through watching something like “The Charge of teh Bengal Lancers” and heard the natives use the term “bwana” to refer to the leaders started calling me that, and over time became my alternative name in said club.

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