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What Politicians Can Learn from American Idol

At a time when polticians and public figures are often accused of pretense and misdirection, it seems a fair time to point out they all have something to learn from “American Idol” (hereinafter AI) , the popular television talent show teaches us there … Continue reading

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The State Song Should Be…

It seems that my delegate David Marsden has decided to begin the session by breaking into song…on behalf of a song. Brother Marsden has introduced HB 2662 State Song that will designate “Virginia, Ever Enshrined” as the state song of … Continue reading

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Songs Your Parents Love

Do you remember the songs your parents loved? I use the past tense, because the only time this is a concern is when you are a teenager…because there is just a chance that they might like music that you like, … Continue reading

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Lucas Davenport, murder mysteries, and Rock and Roll

For those who enjoy Police Procedural novels, the Lucas Davenport “Prey” novels by John Sandford are a huge hit. Typically, Davenport-based in Minnesota-solves some heinous act, while solving a secondary crime along the way. In the recent novel “Broken Prey”, … Continue reading

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