Posting Policy

The posting rules are pretty simple…and rule the roost as of 1538 8.31.2007

1. Profanity, threats, and such will be disallowed
2. Attempted postings using clearly anonymous emails and such will be disallowed.
3. Anything I think needs to go goes. My joint-I serve who I want and what I want and when I want.
4. As of 2020 on 10.28.2007, posts using the terms “lynch” or “public lynching” as part of personal analysis (as opposed to reporting an event) will be disallowed or edited.
5. Different names come in using the same IP address will cause all responses from that IP address/pseudonym once discovered to be deleted.
6. These policies will be updated as need be.

Associated Point-For purposes of reporting and analysis in this blog, any post by a known netroots coordinator in any blog will be treated as coming from and being authorized by the campaign said netroots coordinator works for.