RR Lingo Dictionary

I have a habit of using acronyms, lingo, and nicknames that can be confusing to the uninitiated.  As an aid to new readers and those not in the loop, this page will keep a running list of such terms.

  1. My WMD-Nickname for my three sons based in their ability to reduce a neat room to rubble in about 2 nanoseconds
  2. SWMBO-She Who Must Be Obeyed…a/k/a my lovely wife, who is renowned for her good taste in all things except men.
  3. Big Three-Until further notice, and within the political arena, this refers to John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney
  4. CCA-Credible Conservative Alternative (h/t to Caucus Coolerisms)
  5. Lincoln Four Step-When running for Congress, Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter to his campaign manager where he said the four things the had to be done were to identify all voters, identify favorables, persuade the undecideds, and get their supporters to the polls. It seems like a baseline campaign plan that all candidates follow-everything else is a means to accomplish one of these things.
  6. The Cooch-State Senator Ken Cuccinelli
  7. SenKen-State Senator Ken Cuccinelli
  8. The Chich-State Senator John Chichester. Other nicknames may be added for him.
  9. The Gov/The Guv-Virginia Governor Tim Kaine
  10. TRAMOB-Acronym for “Transportation, Access, and Mobility
  11. (Fill in the Blank) istas-Take off on term “Sandanistas” to apply to anyone with a strong affinity toward a person or cause. Example-“Clintonistas”.
  12. J-O-K-Janet Oleszek, likely democratic nominee in the 37th Senate District of Virginia
  13. Nick Nolte’s Mugshot-Nickname for our softcoated Wheaton Terrier “Teddy”.  One look on a windy day and you will understand.  Also known as Teddy the Wonder Dog.
  14. Big Hoot/Hoot-Janet Oleszek, likely democratic nominee in the 37th Senate District of Virginia
  15. WaPo-The Washington Post
  16. Yellow Dog Republican -A person who would vote for a yellow dog as long as it is the GOP candidate
  17. Default Republican-A person whose instinct is to GOP (like a default setting on a computer, etc.) but will consider crossing party lines if given a good reason to do so.  NOTE-terms #16 and #17 can also be applied to Democrats.
  18. Jimbo-Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore
  19. LB3-Leslie Byrne, from my reference to her as “Leslie Byrne, Bold and Brilliant” for stealing a march on Gerry Connolly and announcing early for Va-11 2008
  20. SIIB-Acronym for “Sh*t in His Britches”, a line used by an old HS football coach to suggest that an individual did not have the qualities needed to deal with a situation. Example: “You don’t have enought SIIB to take ask her out on a date
  21. The Old Country Doctor-My late father, and how he would likely view things