Amazon Kindle Apparently Makes People Stupid

I just went to to check on the reviews of the just released Rough Countryby John Sandford, author of the “Prey” series of novels and now spinning off his character Virgil Flowers into a newish series (this is the third book).

The book has 3 of 5 stars rating-which is quite low for Sandford. Further reading shows that the book “benefits” from Kindle owners complaining about the Kindle price-and giving a 1-star rating to a book many of them have not read as a result of their pricing displeasure.

These folks must have missed the memo that the on-line reviews are intended to be about the BOOK itself, and not delivery method, pricing, or other ancillary issues.

I never saw this problem crop up until Amazon started selling the Kindle; the only folks checking in with this particular gripe are Kindle users…which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that the Kindle apparently makes people stupid.

Folks-in the future use the “Create Your Own Review” section to review the book, and the book only.

Thank you for your attention…you may now return to your political reading.


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